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The lawyer in Auckland that has your best interests at heart

Specialising in a wide range of legal services, Alex can assist you with traffic offenses, criminal law, immigration services such as visas and permanent residency and more.

Advocating for your rights

It's not our role to judge or persuade you to change your opinion. We are simply advocates for your rights, who will follow your instructions and put your best interests first. If you need legal services in Auckland, Alex is dedicated to using his professional knowledge on your behalf, please contact Alex Steedman.

Helping you to understand your situation

We understand the difficulty that many people have in dealing with the law and resolving legal issues. Our role is not to confound or confuse, but to clarify. That's why we talk straight to you, using language you understand in order to explain our advice or recommended course of action. We want you to be absolutely sure of the legal decisions that you make, and their possible ramifications.

Everyone is equal under the law

Men and women, individuals, groups and businesses, governments and charities and everything in between are subject to legal regulation. The law is something that binds us together as a society, with rules and systems that are freely discussed and constantly evaluated against changing situations. Legal issues are therefore an inevitable part of a functioning society. We can help you to solve your issues in a way that will create the best possible result for everyone.
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